An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company


Ventury Scrubbers

AIROCHEM ventury scrubbers are designed for low loss, and high efficiency. The throat velocity is optimized for 60mm WG head loss, and water to air ratio is also optimized and let into throat at minimum 20M head loss to create very high velocity, associated with fine breaking of water particles, which coagulate with fine dust.

The flue gas and water mixture is then sent to scrubber vessel for settling of dust, and eliminating moisture. The bottom entry is cyclonic, and that action settles dust in seal tank below scrubber. Clean flue gases travel to ID fan, and then further to chimney


The slurry is sent to sludge beds for filtering, and clean water is sent to clean water tank, for recirculation by pumping. All the pumps have stand by pumps. The low velocity in separation vessel, coupled with sufficient height of vessel, does not allow entrainment of dust/mud into gases, which normally causes to settle into ID fan blading, which troubles normal operation of ID Fan, and hence the boiler.