Our Product Range are :  


Induced & Forced Draft Fans for Boilers
Centrifugal Ventilation Fans
Centrifugal Blowers
Multistage Centrifugal Blowers
Axial Flow Fans
Mine Ventilation Fans
Industrial Mancoolers
High Efficiency Dry Cyclone & Multiclone Collectors.
Dust Supression(use web link to collaborator site on home page.)
Shaking type Bag Filters
Pulse Air Jet Bag Filters
Portable Dust Collectors
Gas Scrubbers
Rotary Air Locks
Diverter Valves
Solid Fluid Pumps
Blow Tanks with Accessories
Tailor made equipments for specific projects in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
Vacuum Blowers
Cyclone Separators
Plant & Process Ventilation Systems
Industrial Fume & Dust Control Systems