CYCLONE SEPARATORS-Deigned with precise computer program.  

AIROCHEM make Cyclone Separators are designed for specified air flow and separation efficiency as determined by knowing particle size distribution and particle densities. This has enabled AIROCHEM to design a Cyclone Separator to its highest possible separation efficiency, many times rendering conventional bag filters redundant.
AIROCHEM has designed, installed & commissioned Cyclone Separators upto maximum diameter of 5500 mm suitable for dry bagasse application for Bagasse Drying Plant in Sugar Industry having designed separation efficiency of 99.54%. AIROCHEM Cyclone Separators are constructed in heavily steel plates considering operating condition such as temperature, corrosiveness of gas & abrasiveness of dust particles.
AIROCHEM also has standard designs of Multiclone Dust Collector units for still better separation efficiency.
Cyclones with ceramic linings for severe erosion & temperatures are also available.