Year 1975 to 1980 :

AIROCHEM starts manufacturing in fabrication job work with work force of five people, with 1000 Sq. Ft. Built up shed.

Started fabrication of industrial fans as job work to customers drawings.
Design cell for designing activities of fans established.

Deployed test rig with electrical power measuring instruments and indigenous set of manometers, anemometer.

Deployed test rig with electric power measuring instruments and AIRFLOW England make set of manometers with 0.02mm WG resolution brought.

Developed models at standardized air ways to test as per AMCA 210 Laboratory testing.

Started manufacturing fans with designs based on tested models, and efficiencies upto 90%.
Year 1981 to 2012 :

Manufacturing shed added to total shed area to 9200 square feet, to meet market requirements. New machining facilities also developed of support higher productions.

Marketing of turnkey systems in ventilation, dust and fume control systems started with proper efforts.

Started development of axial flow fans.

Manufactured large fans of size 3000mm diameter impellers 700HP fan designed, manufactured and successfully installed to enter large fans market.

We executed prestigious order from M/s. Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin for supply of 7 Nos. Ship Ventilation Fans in stiff competition with leading fan manufacturing companies in India. These fans were of original AIROCHEM design & were tested successfully as per relevant IS specification. These fans were tested & inspected by Indian Registrar of shipping (IRS). We received many orders from CSL subsequently & were successfully executed.

Today :

Today we are an ISO 9001:2008 unit having scope -
Design, manufacture and installation of Industrial Fans, dust and fume control equipments and process plants and components

Design, Manufacture

Today we have in-house capacities of design, manufacture & test Axial Fans and Centrifugal fans up to 700HP capacities & 3000mm Dia. We are in the process of Standardization of Geometric Similar Fans in Centrifugal & Axial types. Computer program for Fan Performance Prediction is ready with us and is available to clients on our web site.

Our specialty is in Boiler, Solvent Extraction, Dryer (steep curve) & Marine Duty Fans. We are now ready to introduce AIROCHEM make fans in Petrochemical & Cement industry.

We today can design & manufacture fans for specific needs of our customer having variety in characteristics with respect to volume and pressure.

We are approved suppliers to prestigeous companies like BHEL, Thermax Enviro Div. NTPC, MN Datur, TCE, BFL, ISGEC, etc.

We have installed test rig for carrying out test on different kinds of materials to be pneumatically conveyed in dense phase. Computer program for scaling up is also developed for full fledged applications, we request our customers to test their material on this test rig to ascertain behavior of material to be pneumatically conveyed.

BOILER FANS (For all OEMS of Boiler)
We have supplied more than 1000 boiler fans to various boiler manufacturers & sugar factories in India & abroad in last few years. Following boiler manufacturer are regular users of AIROCHEM brand fans as original equipment
a) M/s. Texmaco Limited, Kolkata.
b) M/s. Thyseen Krupp Industries India Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra.
c) M/s. ISJEC John Thomson Limited, Noida, New Delhi.
d) M/s. Walchandnagar Industries Limited, Pune, Maharashtra.
e) M/s. National Heavy Engg. Co. Op. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra.

(Import substitution for M/s. Reliance India Limited)

We have recently developed Vapour Exaust system for M/s. Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira, Surat for their Draw line in PSF plant, consisting of stainless steel Enclosure & sliding Door, as an import substitute equipment. Size of this enclosures 2.5 meters x 10 meters (W x L) with 2.4 meter x 10 meters (H x L) single vertical sliding door with all safety features incorporated. Cabin top has uniformly distributed exhaust takeoffs for connecting to exhaust fans.


We have recently successfully completed turnkey project of Ventilation system for sewage Disposal Project of Municipal Corporation of Brihan Mumbai at Bandra, Mumbai, through M/s. Gammon India Limited, Mumbai under Tata Consulting Engineers, Mumbai. This project has following features:
a) Largest Sewage Disposal & Treatment Plant in Asia.
b) Number of Ventilation Fans - 25 Nos. New & 24 Nos. Existing.
c) Area of ventilation ducting  - Stainless steel - 25000 Sq. Feet.
                                           - Galvanized Iron - 50000 Sq. Feet.
d) Erection involved depth of 50 meters (164 feet) in three wells, each of 25 meters (82 feet) diameter. Special skills had to be developed for carrying out erection of various ducts.

After crushing of Sugar cane in sugar factory, bagasse from mill consists of 50% moisture on weight basis. This bagasse if dried by using waste flue gases & moisture content is brought down from 50% to 43%, there is potential for saving of 9% bagasse used as fuel to boiler.
We have designed & supplied Flash type Drier bagasse drier for handling 52 Tons of wet bagasse per hour in pipe line handling flue gases at 160 degree C. & gases are separated in 99.6% efficiency Cyclones. The 43% w/w dry bagasse is fed to boiler. The first drier is installed at M/s. Ugar Sugar Works Limited, Karnataka State, where trial runs are carried out & awaiting full scale run-up from beginning of crushing season 2003.04. Sugar factories Stand to gain, crores of rupees from this technology. In 2008 we have exported bagasse drier to Australia .