CAD Designing Facility-We have 2D/#D software packages, and in-house programs built to check strength calculations of components like shaft, rotating parts like impellers.
Machineries Installation
Dynamic Balancing Machine
Centrifugal Fan Impeller Mfg.


  Name of Machine Size Qty.
1. Lathes 4M CNC turning,8 feet bed Kirloskar Shimogas 4 Nos.
2. Plate Bending Machine 2m long x 12mm thick 2 No.
3. Dynamic Balancing Machine Up to 3m dia x 3000 kg. 1 No.
4. Welding Transformers (AD/DC/TIG) Various Capacities 18 Nos.
5. Radial Drilling Machine 3/4" Capacity 2Nos.
6. Power Tools   Lot
7. Measuring Instruments   Lot
8. Surface Plates   Lot
9. Profile Cutting Machine(CNC)  3.5M Width*6M Length 1 No.
Testing Facilities

Quality Control
We at AIROCHEM are devoted to quality of our service & products. Due care has been taken to integrate various quality assurance systems in our manufacturing plan.
All incoming raw material are tested for chemical analysis & physical properties as required.
All brought incoming raw materials are branded to ensure desired quality level.
Manufacturing processes are set & standardized for various components with inbuilt quality assurance plans.
For checking weldment quality we have in house facility of Magnetic particle Testing & Dye penetrant Testing. We have also facility for Radiographic quality welding. Our welders are qualified by DNV, NTPC, NPCL, & like third party agencies.
We have carried out under third party inspection agencies like,
1) M/s. Indian Registrat of Shipping.
2) M/s. Tata Consulting Engineers.
3) M/s. Nuclear Power Corp. (I) Ltd.
4) M/s. National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., etc.

  List of Fan Testing Equipments  
  Name of Equipment Qty. Make
1. Panel Mounted Adjustable type Manometers.
a) Range -0- 12.5 mm WG
b) Range -0- 25.0 mm WG
c) Range -0- 50.0 mm WG
d) Range -0- 100.0 mm WG
e) Range -0- 500.0 mm WG
1 No. AIRFLOW, Made in England
2. Pitot Tube as per BS 1042 1 No. AIRFLOW, Made in England
3. Thermometer 0 to 100 C & 440 C. 1 Each -do-
4. Barometer (Dial Type) 1 No. -do-
5. Aneamometer (Velocity meter) Dial type 1 No. Japan make
6. Db Level meter (Sound level meter) 1 No.  
7. Ammeter Portable Precision Grade 1 No.  
8. Voltmeter Precision Grade 1 No. Automatic Electric make
9. Wattmeter Portable Precision Grade 1 No. -do-
10. High Voltage Bridge 1 No. Toshniwal make
11. High Voltage Insulation Tester 1 No. -do-
12. Frequency Meter 1 No. -do-
13. Tachometer 1 No. -do-
14. Milli Ammeter 1 No. -do-
15. Current Transformers 1 No. Automatic Electric make
16. Set of Test Ducts as per IS standard Set Fabricated required as per IS 4896
17. Dimmerstat Capacity 60 AMPS 1 No. Automatic Electric make
  Other Testing Facilities  
1. Dye Penetrant Testing Equipment As per NPCIL Standard
2. Radiographic Testing of weldments as per relevant standards We avail X-ray and Gamma Ray Source facility from Mumbai or Pune.
3. Raw Material Testing Facilities Regarding physical, Chemical & Ultrasonic testing of materials such as plates, round bars etc. The same is carried out at field Testing station. (Govt. of India undertaking) situated in our Industrial Estate or from other Local services.
4. Any Other Testing / checking / conforming facilities if required are availed from recognized centers in & around Kolhapur or from other distant places as required.